The classic PacMan, now in 3D



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When Toru Iwatani designed Pacman more than 25 years ago, he had no idea about the incredible impact the funny yellow character would be in the videogame world.

Pacman doesn’t need any presentation. Pacman is a friendly ball that eats anything in front of him. No matter who are you talking with, mention Pacman and he/she will know what you are talking about.

PacManiac is a modern version for the 2D classic Pacman. Now we can enjoy this funny ball in 3D.

Run through laberinths with Pacman and try to eat all the little balls appearing in your way and keep far away from monsters. And eat a special ball and become the hunter for a few seconds.

You have to try this renewed classical, it will impress you and you will remember those hours and hours in front of your computer or videogame, but now in 3D.
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